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the world is spinning for those that can see it
and we shirk the complacency of stillness
lines blur to mushed skeletal remains
chaos is what killed the... cat...

so we fall into the normal all the time
kicking and screaming that we are the originality of the world
try try try too hard
and mimic our predecessors 
did you know i can barely write these words

so i scratch out my failings in blue ink
watch the spinning masses
who will not settle
strength was never my virtuous ally
and i feel my enemy body crumble in the stress-test

i would cut off my arm if you would accept it
it has only worked against me
so the violation continued for ten years unhindered
and rekindled

somewhere, my baby is laughing...

left in her time of need
she lost her blood
but i had bled so many times before in the name of
and the hands squeezed my breasts for the milk i would have given her

the well inside me has grown dry and empty
you tried to fill it up and i denied entrance
but you didnít listen...

when i cry i am afraid i will shrivel up

canít spare the moisture in a bone-dry calmness
i have slit my wrist a million times just to drink
to wash the taste of your saliva from my mouth
and i donít even have your name to curse

youíve buried a fear in me that goes way beyond skin-deep
itís something i cannot shake
alone under the stars i am deathly afraid of the dark
i keep waiting for the hands

that never come...

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