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divinatory meanings-- love, sexual desire, an important relationship. may also mean the merging of opposites.

reversed-- difficulties in relationships. opposition between people. the need to rebel against parents or society.

the lovers

the lovers card symbolizes the positive power of sexuality in our lives. besides leading us to love, sexual desire liberates us from being copies of our parents (empress and emperor), or simply doing whatever society tells us (hierophant). sexuality helps make us individuals. we see this very strongly in this vertigo version of the card. tani, an angel from heaven, chantinelle, a demon from hell -- no two lovers have ever defied their "parents" and "society" more than these two.

partly, the story of this romance derived from the idea that heaven and hell are really the same, because they both wield absolute power and use it to protect their privileges. in other words, they represent the upper classes, whether they take the roles of good guys or bad guys. at the same time, the characters embody the idea of sex and love overwhelming all rules and ideology.

most versions of the lovers depict them standing apart, in a rather stately manner. here we see them touching, and almost merging, for the demon seems to put her hand through her partner's body. their heads appear both inflated and fragile, like eggshells. we might think of the heads as representing the abstract ideas of good and evil. but here a kind of explosion breaks through these shells, merging them in love and desire. similar flashes of light appear in the darkness around their groins. both appear androgynous, almost identical to each other. when we look close, we see horns emerging from the head on the right, and truncated golden wings from the shoulder blade of the one on the left. the demon's horns penetrate her partner's skull.

1995 dc comics

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