some of my best friends have been children. in fact, all of my friends have been children.

this page is dedicated to all my wonderful friends... (you know who you are, but you deserve a page anyway!)

i suppose i should start with my online family, most of whom can be found in the occult room of the chathouse. i've tried to link their names to their homepages, but if i missed any, i'm sorry...

first and foremost, there's winterraven, my ex, and friend for life. he's cute, smart, funny, tall, and very hairy. i love him to bits and pieces.

next is my roommate from at college, majenta galaxy (aka the fishnet quad-mistress of gomperdom). the roommate goddesses were smiling when they put the two of us together. she's so kewl.

in no particular order...
insideoutofcontrol ~ one of my favorite people to chat with... he's a wonderful writer, and has quite a grasp on the nonsensical. *s* inside makes me happy, and he's wiser than he thinks he is...

lovecraft aka feebles or costello ~ a very cool guy stuck in connecticut (ew!). if you ever need to know about obscure 80's music or films, this is who you go to.

ereshkigal ~ goddess of scourges, newts, ants, and spam.

bloody velvet ~ a very cool guy, and his page is amazing.

umbra ~ my piccie man, a wonderful guy who can always make me smile... he has two wonderful pages, the nothingness and i'm not gay but my boyfriend is!

moonpie ~ not only is she the lightning-footed quad-mistress of gomperdom, she's also an awesome person. of course. do you think we let anyone rule the gompers?

zaria ~ the fourth quad mistress of gomperdom, winged carrot. a beautiful person (i should know, i saw her pic!) and a whole bunch of fun. together, the four of us wreak gomper-havoc on the chathouse.

hey guys, i got tired of typing, so the rest of you will be up in a little while. until then, i'll keep up the remainder of my list. again, don't bitch to me: bias, bubble, quin, kyrina, geos, karintha, jaime, nora, karen, gorm, den, saul, matt, nathan (my hot tub lover), missy, tyree, and, last but not least, all the people i forgot (the most important ones of all!)
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