my picture collection is growing... okay, so maybe they're not all good, but it's okay... i'll get over it...

anyway, click on whatever you'd like to see...

the most realistic pic, me smoking a cigarette... this is pretty much what i look like on any given day.
or then there's me at a party last new years... of course, i'm not actually that washed out, let's just say pictures from cheap cameras don't scan well.
or maybe you'd like to see this other pic of me... this is what i look like in some alternate universe... lipstick? yeah, right... (same cheap camera, too)
old pics of me: close-up (not smiling, tho), sprawled, and with winterraven (he's not naked, just shirtless, stop drooling [or even better, join the fan club])
and for those of you who can't get enough of sexy winter, here's a bonus

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