for some strange reason, these cards work for me, with startling accuracy. i have been spooked, mystified, and downright surprised.

unfortunately, the marketing big-wigs at dc/vertigo decided to market this deck to a comic book audience only, rather than the more obvious "new-agers." maybe they thought nobody would want a deck based on comic book characters. they made a limited run of the sets, with an incredibly well-written book by rachel pollack, but it is almost impossible to find... *sigh*

the tarot is an ancient teaching disguised as a game. the tarot is a fortune-telling device based on universal symbols. the tarot is an art form used for fortune telling. the tarot is a game disguised as ancient teachings...

divination never worked for me.

as a wiccan, i suppose it is also a prerequisite to have a favored form of divination. i was the exception. i sampled runes, pendulums, tarot, everything. nothing.

then i tried the vertigo tarot.

wow, that really sounds like an advertisement. it's not, take my word for it. it is simply the honest ravings of a fan. take a look at dave mckean's incredible artwork and try not to fall in love with this deck.

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