an it harm none... do what thou will
-wiccans everywhere

hmmm... what is there to say about wicca that hasn't already been said a million times... i suppose i should start off by saying that it's not so much a religion as a way of life. but then, what good religion isn't?

i came to wicca through a sassy article. hopefully, somebody out there remembers good sassy. anyway, they had a rather-well-done piece, focusing mostly on laurie cabot and the salem witches. they had a quick plug of her book, power of the witch, so, intrigued, i bought it. reading that book felt like coming home.

i am not, nor do i claim to be the end-all and be-all of witches. i am far from it. although i have read semi-extensively on wicca in the six or so years since that article, i still have far to go before i feel i will be ready to dedicate myself to the lord and lady. for the most part, it is my belief that at this stage in my life i am only prepared to be a "part-time" wiccan, when it is a full-time way of life. one day, i believe the goddess will let me know when i am ready.

if you couldn't already tell, i am not going to spend this page giving you a wicca 101 lesson. there are many pages out there that can and will do a much better job at it. i will list a couple that i keep going back to like a childhood home, and they, in turn, will have their own lists as well. these days, there is no shortage of wiccan information sites. sometimes i feel i am lucky to be living in a time of re-birth for wicca. we are, to some extent, no longer members of a fringe group or an alternative religion, but rather, loving, caring people. spirituality is the key. never lose that.

without spirituality, without belief, without love, there can be no witches.

i know i said i would list some pagan links, but i'm finding it hard to choose. i will list one, though, and that's the witches' voice. they have an absolutely incredible site, with information, a live feedback forum (you'll find a few of my posts there), more links than i would ever have the time or energy to list here, and much more.

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